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For a small business owner or owner of the blog that requires analysis of your website ranking in google without having to monitor all the time, gserp provides all you need for free google rank analysis. When we write this article, gserp still in beta and offers several amenities or features would you get for free, among others:

  1. Free analysis for 500 domains
  2. Free Analysis to 2000 keywords
  3. moz Data analysis: GA, PA, Back Links, etc.

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How to Create an Account on GSERP:

1. Visit the web GSERP in
2. Scroll down a little bit, you will find a column to your data registrasi.Isi then click Create Account:
seo tutorial desain web

3. Follow the verification steps, then Login


4. On the Dashboard page, you can add the domain to a maximum of 500 domains, and keywords of 2000 (a total of keywords for all domains).
5. Example graphic analysis:
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