How to Download and Starting HOVERCSS

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If you are often to create a button that gives effect when the mouse cursor is passed, the following tutorial can help simplify your web design and add some hover effect on the button (button) or another element on your website.

HOVERCSS is CSS3 Library which has provided more than 40 hover effects that you can use on your website. Very easy to use. Please download HOVERCSS via github then uploaded to your web, and add css hover library to your website by way of:


< head & gt;
< link href = "css/hover.css" rel = "stylesheet" media = "all" >

How to Give Effect HOVERCSS on your Web Elements

to give the effect that you want on your web elements, simply by adding the class name matches the name of the effect. For example if you have a button (button) with the following HTML code:

< a href = "#" class = "button" > button < /a >

To add FLOAT effects , simply by adding a class name float as follows:

< a href = "#" class = "float button" > button < /a >


Class names that you can use are:
[col span = “1/4”]

  • grow
  • shrink
  • pulse
  • pulse-grow
  • pulse-shrink
  • push

[col span = “1/4”]

  • pop
  • rotate
  • grow-rotate
  • float
  • sink
  • Hover

[col span = “1/4”]

  • hangs
  • skew
  • skew-forward
  • skew-backward
  • wobble-horizontal
  • wobble-vertical

[col span = “1/4”]

  • wobble-to-bottom-right
  • wobble-to-top-right
  • wobble-top
  • wobble-bottom
  • wobble-skew
  • buzz
  • buzz-out


For other effects, please go to the CSS .. you will find more than 40 effects in the file


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